Montañita, Ecuador: The Perfect Place To Retire

Many senior citizens head south for the winter once they reach retirement age. But more and more retirees are heading even further south than Florida and Arizona- they're heading to sunny Montañita, Ecuador. Here's three reasons you might want to consider going south of the border as well.

A Laidback Lifestyle

Montañita is a tiny little coastal town with a population of right around 1,000. Located on Ecuador's south coast, it is extremely popular with surfers. They come from all around the world to surf in the various competitions held here each year.

Many early foreign ex-patriots who settled here in the sixties were members of the hippie movement. As a result, the area is very open-minded and tolerant of diverse lifestyle choices. There are expats from all over the world living here, making Montañita a culturally diverse melting pot.

Biodiversity Abounds

The climate in Montañita is typical of a tropical, coastal town. The temperature stays a steady average of 82 degrees F. While there is a rainy season from September-May, the rain generally falls overnight, so the day typically isn't a bust.

This tropical climate means the area is rich in natural beauty and unique wildlife. Colorful, exotic birds, turtles, and sea lions are all around and on the surrounding islands. June through September, humpback whales show up. There is no shortage of coastal and mountainous areas to explore the diverse flora and fauna Montañita has to offer.

Get A Bang Out Of Your Buck

One of the best things about retiring to Ecuador is you don't have to learn a new monetary system. Their currency is also the American dollar, which means there won't be any confusing currency exchanges to struggle with. You'll always know exactly how much something costs, and your money will go a lot further in Ecuador than in will in the States.

Restaurants are all over Montañita, serving authentic Ecuadorian dinners for just six or seven dollars. Street vendors offer their culinary treats for just a buck or two. Most of the popular bars have "buy one, get one free" happy hour events, but the drinks are cheap anyway.

Real estate prices are incredibly affordable, and they are less expensive than other popular South American locations, like Panama and Costa Rica. Great homes and beachfront condos are readily available in the Ecuador real estate listings. Medical and dental care is also extremely affordable, and it is the same quality of care as what you'd receive in North America.

If you want a relaxing, casual yet vibrant and affordable place to retire to, reserve a hotel and book a flight to Montañita. Go see for yourself why Ecuador is the place to be.

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