How To Make Your New Year's Eve A Special One

Are you hosting this year's New Year's Eve event? Whether you are ringing in 2016 with family members or with friends, you may have mixed emotions about doing that. On one hand, it's pretty neat to be able to choose your activity; however, on the other hand, you may be worried about making the event a special one. Here are some ideas that may help you to plan something especially memorable.

At Your Home - Will there be children at your New Year's Eve party? If so, consider making some of the activities kid-friendly. For example, charades done in teams would be super fun, and older kids or adults could help little ones with their part in the game. Another idea is to play a game to see how well parents and their children know each other. If there will be children at your event, think about having an adult buffet and one that is kid-friendly. For the children's buffet, think about serving foods they can eat with their fingers. Some good choices are mini-pizzas, tater-tots, chips, veggie strips and animal crackers. When it comes to toasting the New Year, give the kids fancy drinking glasses filled with soda. Remember the cola drinks you know of as Roy Rogers and the ginger ale drinks known as Shirley Temples? Your kids probably don't even know who those people are. It would be fun for your own kids to name the sodas themselvesMaybe Elsa and Olaf from the movie Frozen?

On The Town - If you're ringing 2016 in at a restaurant and there will be children in your group, think about choosing a pizza place that has games. That will give you plenty of time to visit with your adult friends, as older kids can help little ones with the assorted games that are offered. If your group will be made up of only adults, your choices become much wider. However, it's important for you to make your reservations now, as New Year's Eve is a popular night at most restaurants. Consider reserving one of the restaurant's larger rooms for your group. To make the evening even more special, think about making your reservations at a restaurant that will offer live music and dancing. Many restaurants will be offering a special dinner that includes an appetizer, the main course and dessert. If you'll be wanting separate bills, let your waiter know that before you order. Talk to an establishment like The Drake Oak Brook Hotel to learn more.

Whether you have your event at home or whether you go out, don't forget to take pictures. It ill be a lot of fun to share them with those who attend.

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