Corporate Party Planning Tips To Help Make Your Event Or Function A Success

Just because it is a work party or function doesn't have to mean it is dry and boring. Treat your guests and valued team to something special by putting a little thought, preparation, and resources into making sure participants enjoy your event and leave feeling inspired or entertained. Depending on the venue, there are numerous ways to make your corporate function memorable, meaningful, and worth attending:

Hotel conference rooms make exemplary corporate function venues.

Plan your function away from the workplace; this will make participants feel like they are being treated to something special. Consider a local hotel like Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport, and rent out conference room space for your event. Designating an off-site locale will help attendants focus on the event, instead of work and distractions around the office; plus, hotels often offer catering services, which could make planning your event much simpler and cost-effective. 

Self-serve stations help to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable.

A stuffy, sit-down meal is not the best approach for a corporate function. Ask caterers to set up self-serve stations for food, drink, and desserts that guests can help themselves to or partake in creating. A great idea used by many employers during the holidays are self-serve hot chocolate stations; set up carafes of steamed milk, chocolate shavings, and toppings, as well as decanters of liqueur at events where alcohol will be served.

Themes are a fun way to bring cohesion and whimsy to a work function. 

Even though it is a work function, this doesn't mean you can't give it a fun theme; many corporate events are coming up with some extraordinary ways to keep attendance up and make it a memorable time for all who take time to participate. For instance, circus themes are a very popular and timeless party theme; decorate the venue to resemble a big-top tent and hire acrobats or jugglers to stay true to the theme. 

Give guests a reason to attend your event.

Make sure that the event is worth attending, either through fantastic food, inspiring speakers, awesome entertainment, or super swag! Employees and staff are taking time from their personal lives to attend a party or function, so make it worth their while. Give them a good reason to make time for your event with careful planning and an adequate budget; this ensures your party will offer something memorable that will stay with them, and motivate them to attend year after year.  

Try these tips:

  • Craft or card-making areas provide a bit of fun and relaxation amid work-related functions or events. These also can help amuse children when they are present at your affair.
  • Create drama with torched meats served by your chef or caterer. The cooking spectacle provides a bit of unique entertainment for your guests.
  • Everyone loves a swag-bag; fill yours with promotional products and fun trinkets. 

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