Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Hotel Housekeeper

If you've never fully understood the process of tipping your hotel housekeeper, and this lack of knowledge prevents you from leaving a few dollars in your room before you check out, you might be among the 49 percent of Americans who do not tip for this service. Tipping your hotel housekeeper, however, is a sign of good etiquette and a way to express your thanks for a clean room and attentive service. Planning a hotel visit in the near future? Here are three things to know to help you tip the housekeeper.

Deciding How Much To Tip

It's conventional to tip your hotel housekeeper between $1 and $5 for each day of your stay. This range exists for multiple reasons -- in general, people at higher-end establishments often tend to tip more, but the range also allows you to choose a tip that accurately reflects the cleanliness of your room and your interactions with this important hotel staff member. Consider tipping toward the middle or upper part of this range if you found that your room was expertly cleaned and all your supplies, such as your soap and shampoo, were fully stocked. Additionally, it's worth tipping generously if you had any interactions with the housekeeper and she was friendly and helpful.

Choosing When To Tip

It might seem more convenient to simply leave a larger tip on the last day of a multi-day visit to the hotel, but it's better to make a habit of tipping daily. By tipping daily, you'll ensure that the housekeeper who's looking after your room on that given day will get your tip. A lump-sum tip when you check out will be collected by that day's housekeeper, but there's no guarantee that she will be the person who tended to your room throughout the length of your stay.

Knowing How To Tip

The best way to tip is to leave cash in a conspicuous area in your room before you leave for the day. It's also important to leave a note that identifies the money as clearly being a tip; failing to do so might prompt the housekeeper to think that you've left some spare change sitting out. Many hotels have tipping envelopes located on the side table or desk. These notes are typically marked with a greeting message from the housekeeper. If you room has such an envelope, place your cash inside it and write your own message of thanks on the outside.

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