3 Things to Think About When Booking Accommodations for a Family Vacation

Family vacations can be wonderful trips that create memories that last a lifetime, but when traveling with kids it is important to carefully choose a resort or hotel that will suit the needs of everyone in the family. Failure to plan in advance and book the right accommodations can lead to stress, cranky kids, and less fun for everyone. Use the following tips when searching for a resort or hotel for your next family vacation:

Consider Booking a Suite

If you're family is going on vacation for more than just a couple of days, a standard hotel room with two beds is not likely to be comfortable or provide enough room for everyone. In these situations, a lot of families feel like it is worth the extra cost to book a suite or a larger hotel room that can comfortably accommodate everyone. This may be especially helpful if you have younger children who still take naps, as having a suite with a bedroom will allow them to sleep in a quiet place where you can shut the door. Another bonus of a hotel suite is the fact that it will give you extra privacy after the kids go to sleep.

Make Sure Your Room Has the Right Amenities

Hungry or thirsty kids are typically cranky kids, so when booking a hotel or resort for your vacation, look for one that has at least an in-room refrigerator. This will give you a place to store water bottles, juice, milk, or other perishable snacks that your kids enjoy. If you are traveling with an infant or a young toddler, you will want to make sure that they hotel you are staying at has portable cribs available so your child can sleep safely.

Ask About Dining Deals

Dining out can be a very large vacation expense, especially when traveling with the whole family. Most resorts and hotels have at least one, if not several, restaurants on site, and it is not uncommon for hotels and resorts to offer dining deals as incentives for families. Some places may offer free breakfasts or promotions where kids eat free when adults order an entree. Others may have discount coupons that provide a set percentage off the final food bill. Taking the time to find a hotel or resort that offers dining deals can save you a lot of money, and that extra cash can go towards fun vacation activities or souvenirs.

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