Five Reasons To Consider Booking A Family Suite When Vacationing With Friends

Vacationing with friends can be a lot of fun. It is important to consider staying in a family suite rather than booking multiple rooms. The following guide walks you through a few benefits of staying in a family suite when vacationing with numerous friends.

Save Money on the Hotel

When you stay in a family suite with many friends, you can split the cost of the room. While a family suite may cost more each night to book than a smaller room, the cost will be greatly diminished when you split it with others.

Constantly Entertained

When you stay in a family suite with numerous friends, you will always have someone to hang out with while you are vacationing. The family suite often has numerous rooms so that you and your friends can get the privacy you need when you need it and still be able to hang out with each other too.

Save Money on Food

When you stay in a hotel suite, there is often a small kitchen within the suite that you can use to prepare meals for everyone. Buying food and preparing it yourself will save you a lot of money when you vacation. You can also make mixed drinks in the room before you go out for the night, which will cut down on your costs too.

Separate Accommodations for Children

When you vacation with children, you want to be able to have the space to have adult time when needed. The many rooms in the hotel suite allow you to have children in a sectioned off area of the suite so that the adults can have adult conversations or enjoy a few cocktails together without having children right there by their sides.

Space for Your Pets

If you are someone who enjoys traveling with your pets, a family suite is great because it has so much more room in it than a traditional hotel room. When you book your room, be sure to ask if the hotel is pet friendly, so you do not have to worry about being turned away when you arrive to check-in at the hotel.

It is important to book the suite in advance as many hotels have a very limited number of suites. If you need any special accommodations, such as a crib, be sure to let the hotel know when you book the room so they can be there waiting for you when you arrive. Contact a hotel, such as the Cascade Inn, for information about amenities.   

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