Three Tips That Can Help You Upgrade Your Hotel Room For Free

Whether you want to make your holiday getaway special or you're just looking for a little more space for you and your family, asking for a free room upgrade is something that every frequent traveler should know how to do. Your success in having your request fulfilled depends on a number of factors -- including some beyond your control, such as the hotel's vacancy on the day of your visit. However, there are a number of things you can do to improve your changes, such as sign up in advance for the hotel's loyalty rewards program and wait until the evening before you ask your question. Here are three other things to do.

Speak To The Concierge

While many travelers have success getting their room upgraded for free by asking the desk clerk, the reality is that the hotel concierge has more authority to fulfill requests such as yours. You can boost your chances of success by dealing with the concierge earlier during your day -- perhaps asking for advice on a restaurant or tourist attraction -- and tipping him or her. Hotel concierges are skilled in connecting with travelers and remembering their faces, so if you're already seen as someone who's a big tipper, you'll often have a greater chance of being upgraded for free.

Keep Your Stay Short

Even if you ask in the right manner and there are plenty of rooms available, it's not likely that you'll get a free room upgrade if you're staying at the hotel for several days. After all, the hotel management will probably want to get a full-paying guest in the upgraded room if possible. If you plan to ask for a room upgrade, try to keep your hotel stay short. You're more likely to hear good news if you're just staying at the property for one night.

Know What You Want

Asking for a free room upgrade, especially if you're a little tentative about the request, can sound a little vague. There's no harm in directly stating your request, but it's ideal to explain the reason for your desired upgrade. For example, you might wish to be on an executive-level floor that provides a better view of the city, or maybe you're looking for more square footage to give you and your spouse space to relax. Whatever the case, knowing what you want and specifically sharing it with the hotel staff member is ideal.

For more information, talk to a hotel staff member, such as those who work at Mt. Laurel La Quinta Inn.

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