Want a Destination Wedding? 4 Ways to Convince Your Family to Join You

If you want to have a destination wedding, you might have trouble getting some family members on board. Whether it's the costs or the distance, destination weddings may present some unique challenges for brides trying to raise support. If this is the situation you're in, here are four ways to get your family to agree.

Share the Cost. The expenses of going on a trip -- often to a more exotic locale -- for a wedding may be prohibitive for some family members. If budget is an issue for a few important people, take a look at your own wedding budget. Because destination wedding packages tend to be more economical than a large traditional wedding -- due to package pricing, fewer people, fewer accessories, etc. -- you may be able to pay for some parts of immediate family members' travel. Consider offering to pay for hotel rooms, airport transportation, or meals. 

Make a Family Reunion. Emphasize the destination wedding as a way to get your family together for an informal family reunion. Talk to hotels like the Creole Inn about including amenities for large parties, and you may be able to attract more distant relatives and show them how they can all enjoy a long, relaxing weekend together. Work with your chosen hotel to help embrace the reunion theme with custom-printed T-shirts, group meals, and fun activities or tours. 

Go Where They Like. If you're open to different locations for your wedding, try coming up with a locale that appeals to (or is in the budget of) whomever you're trying to convince. If you want a romantic island wedding in the Bahamas, for example, consider a mainland beach wedding in Florida or on East Coast islands instead. Or try opting for a hotel style that suits your family's tastes rather than your own (after all, you'll be focused on other things!). You may find that you can replicate much of the exotic location in a more affordable or easier-to-reach area. 

Have a Hometown Reception. If you simply can't convince some family or friends to accompany you to your faraway nuptials, plan a party in your hometown as well. This second reception gives you the wedding you want while allowing a larger group the opportunity to celebrate with you. You can wear your wedding clothes again, or you may want to select a bridal party dress for the festivities. Include everyone in your wedding joy by playing the wedding video on the big screen at the reception.

Whether it's by overcoming budgetary concerns, finding ways to include everyone, or giving them a reason to come on vacation, you can find a way to convince even the most reluctant of wedding guests to help you celebrate your big day with a destination wedding. 

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