Get Out Of Town During The Soggy Season To Enjoy More Ride Time

If you love riding motorcycles, the weather probably plays a huge role in how much you'll be able to do what you love each year. Are you tired of the weather putting a damper on your ride time? Well, maybe it's time to take an extended trip away from home. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get away during the riding season and stay away until you're ready to return to your soggy hometown.

Find an Extended Stay Hotel

When you book a room for a traditional one-week vacation, you're getting the pricing for just that one week – when you book an extended stay in a hotel, you'll get a discounted rate for a great room that has everything that you'll need to take care of yourself for as long as you want to stay.

These rooms typically have small kitchens, full bathrooms, a small eating area, a living area, and a sleeping area. You'll have all of the amenities of home so you won't have to break your get-away budget eating out every single day.

Research Parking Options

Motorcycle theft happens all too often – will your bike be safe if it's parked outside the hotel during your stay? In some hotels, you may be able to park the bike near the front of the building where security can monitor it overnight. Other times, the bike may even be welcome into your room – as long as you take all of the necessary precautions not to dirty up the room or fill it with toxic fumes.

If neither of these are options, getting a room with your parking spot directly in front of your room can help. This, coupled with an alarm and quality locks, should keep your bike safe overnight.

Mail Your Stuff

Instead of trying to fit all of the clothes and stuff that you'll need for your extended trip into your saddlebags and bike luggage, ship it to the hotel before you leave. If you ship it through the USPS system, you can choose two-day shipping, or if you're riding really fast, one-day shipping, so you can get your things there before you even arrive.

Note: If you plan to ship your stuff ahead of time, make sure to alert the hotel of the incoming package. You don't want them sending it back because they didn't know it was coming and didn't recognize the name on the package. Be sure to include, "In Care Of" with your name on the shipping label.

Get planning today and make your great escape somewhere where the riding is good, the skies are clear, and the roads are open.

If you're ready to get riding, book a room in an extended stay hotel today.

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