4 Ways a Bed and Breakfast Host Can Save or Upgrade Your Vacation

For those who aren't well-acquainted with bed and breakfast inns, they may seem like just a smaller version of a hotel. But one of the many differences between B&Bs and regular hotels is the addition of a local host. That host, in fact, can make your trip more successful than any hotel can. Here are a few of the things they can help with that could save your trip or upgrade it. 

1. Hosts Can Help In Emergencies.

Bed and breakfasts are generally run by one or more individuals who live on the property or nearby. This makes them a local resource to help you find necessary local services if something goes wrong. They know doctors and dentists and where the nearest emergency room is. They can help you find a car repair shop or somewhere to fix your broken phone. And they are available any time of the day or night if an emergency happens. 

2. Hosts Can Provide Amenities.

Everyone who travels has forgotten something at one time or another. If you need a wine opener for that bottle you bought or a picnic basket to take on a hike, your host can often rustle up something for guests to borrow. Travelers who end up short-handed at a hotel will likely have to go buy these items they may never need again. 

3. Hosts Can Help Celebrate.

Your bed and breakfast hosts often enjoy getting to know their guests. And this personal interest means they're happy to add something special to big days for those guests. If you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, retirement, or other personal milestones, the host may offer anything from homemade jam to singing a round of "Happy Birthday" at breakfast. 

4. Hosts Can Give Recommendations.

Along with emergency assistance, bed and breakfast owners are a local resource for recommendations involving your trip. They know how to avoid crowds at the tourist hotspots, which hikes are worth the effort, and who gives ski lessons for your skill level. This type of inside information will save you time, money, energy, and frustration. 

Want to know more about the differences between a boutique bed and breakfast versus a standard hotel? Start by learning more about B&B offerings like The Abigail Inn in your destination area. Visit some virtually or tour them in person today to see what they have to offer. You may find that you don't know how you ever vacationed without them at all. 

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