Why Choose A Hotel Over Other Types Of Lodging?

When traveling, you have more than one option for lodging. You can stay in a hotel, which is a classic choice, or you can stay in a cabin, Airb&b, or other types of lodging.

The most common forms of travel lodging are hotels or rented-out homes. Which one is right for you? If you have been jumping on the home rental trend and staying in peoples' rented out homes and properties when you travel, consider giving the classic hotel option another try. Here's why.

Good Pricing

Like any trend that gains in popularity, people renting out their homes are doing so at an alarmingly expensive rate. When you rent a home, often referred to as an Airbnb, you pay for your stay, cleaning fee, and even some other local taxes and fees. Sometimes the added fees for lodging in this type of rental can exceed the actual nightly costs.

A person who rents out their property can charge what they want, which means the fees can be large compared to other properties or establishments and can change anytime they want. When you rent a hotel, you pay for the price of the room, the state and hotel fees, if applicable, and a cleaning deposit for pets or smoking if you have them. That's it. Lodging is often cheaper and more transparent with a hotel.

Complimentary Amenities 

If you travel and you want to be taken care of, staying in a hotel is the way to go. When you rent a home when you travel, you not only have to pay the cleaning fee, but you also have to clean up after yourself and follow all the checkout rules of the property or risk losing any deposit. You may even have to put a load of laundry in the wash before you go, all while paying a cleaning fee you won't get back.

In a hotel, your cleaning is done for you and you don't pay extra. Some hotels include a pool, exercise room, breakfast, and other amenities, all for free.

Great Location

If you're traveling to a larger city and want to be near the activity downtown, a hotel will meet your needs. Hotels are often placed in the most popular areas of town with stores and main roads adjacent to them. While renting a person's home is ideal for smaller vacations away from it all, a hotel is ideal for your in-city lodging needs.

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