Pet-Friendly Apartment Complex Rules And Perks

If you own a pet and have a concern about the living conditions you will be supplied with once you move to a new city, you may want to begin searching for a pet-friendly apartment for rent. The level of acceptance may differ between apartment complexes. Consider your ideal living situation and begin your quest to find a suitable rental.

The Level Of Acceptance

A property owner may have an open door policy, which will allow you to move any type of domesticated pet into a rental unit, as long as you have consulted with the property owner first. An owner may have a list of restrictions, which include breeds that won't be allowed within a unit. When restrictions are imposed, it is usually due to the liability that a particular breed brings. German shepherds and other large dog breeds are often thought of as aggressive and may not be welcome within a community that contains multiple living units.

A large breed could also be off limits due to their size. If apartments are modestly-sized, there may not be enough living space for a large breed. An apartment complex may welcome a mix of domesticated animals, including some exotic pets. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and lizards are some pet varieties that are usually considered ok at a pet-friendly apartment complex.

The Requirements And The Perks

A tenant's responsibilities may be printed within an application packet. The responsibilities of a pet owner may include satisfying a deposit or paying a recurring pet fee that will be tacked onto the amount of rent that a tenant is required to pay. A pet-friendly complex may offer some perks that will appeal to pet owners and their pets. An outdoor play area that is fenced in, a cleanup station, and a grooming or daycare facility may be offered at some complexes.

Specialized services, such as grooming and monitoring are usually offered at an apartment complex that is considered to be luxurious. A pet-friendly apartment manager may keep bones and pet treats onsite. They may offer these snacks to a pet owner and their dog, whenever a tenant stops by to pay their rent.

A complex that truly embraces pets and their role in everyday living may feature pet parades, pet picnics, and other special activities. These activities may encourage a series of tenants to interact with their neighbors and the other pets who reside at the apartment complex.  

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